8 Things To Master in SEO One Must Know

People really overthink and over-complicate SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But if I had to break it down to the minimum essentials that you need to master in order to get SEO, it wouldn’t be a much. And today in this blog I’m going to break down Eight Things To Master In SEO. One Must Know?


The first thing I want you to master is studying your competitors and search results. Who’s ranking? How many backlinks do they have? What kind of backlinks (no-follow or do-follow)? Where can you get these backlinks from? Is it E-commerce pages? Is it a service page? Is it an app? websites? content?

All these things are that you need to know if you want to rank. Now if you’re just trying to figure this out, and you’re not sure where to get started.

You can use Uber Suggests, It ll show you who’s ranking in the top hundred positions. How many social shares they have, backlinks, content, websites, etc…


The second thing that you need to do is start Planning, Preparing and strategizing. What are the keywords, points that you can win over the ones that are going to be a waste of time? 

For example, if it’s a Quora that you’re going after, well, Quora has a high domain score, the chances are you’re not going to rank for everything that they’re writing for.

You want to go after keywords that are less competitive because if you go after less competitive keywords that still get some traffic and have a high chance of converting, you can still generate revenue. And once you get your business going and you’re doing better and better, then you can start going after the more competitive terms.
And in Uber Suggests, if you look for keyword ideas report, it showcases you “how a keyword is”. Now go for Keywords whose SEO difficulty is less than 35. Those are quite easier to rank for. Uber Suggests will also suggest you, backlinks you require to rank for any particular keyword. And that’s integrated within the SEO difficulty score.


The next thing I want to cover is writing. SEO is all about serving what people need & doing better than everyone else. Writing content is going to be a crucial and vital part of anyone running an SEO campaign, even if you’re outsourcing it, it ok!.

 If you’re not great at creating content, you can use your cellphone to record yourself speak and then use services like Rev.com or vocalmatic.com to transcribe the audio. You can edit the transcription and then turn it into blog posts.

Or if you’re looking for other writers to write amazing content for you. You can go to the fiver or Upwork or Problogger job board and over here, you can find a: ‘N’ numbers of freelance content writers that are good at writing content that’s SEO friendly.


The other thing that you need to know HTML. You’ll need this HTML skill because you need to edit title tags, description, meta tags, you need to add schema markup, it’s a great way to get higher rankings. You also need Google Analytics for tracking your site traffic

And then hey, is that traffic converting into conversions, Google Analytics will tell you where all traffic is coming from.

So that way you have a sequence, right? You have parent topics subtopics. All these things will help you rank higher and higher, from optimizing all tags to other basic things that are really important when it comes to HTML. If you don’t know basic HTML, hire a developer. You can find people at Upwork also. Or else you could try to learn it yourself. it may take time but worth learning.

Or if you’re using WordPress, you can just use plugins like the Rank math plugin, jetpack plugin or Yoast SEO plugin. And this allows you to optimize your blog and websites and adjust a lot of this HTML stuff without learning a single line of code. Literally, you can do a lot of these things with a few clicks. aaha lucky!


The next thing you need to have a grip on analytics. Your results will only be as good as you’ll be able to measure them. If you don’t know where your users are spending their time, what kind of content to produce, what’s your best dwell time, which causes your visitors to bounce, or return back to your site and buying more, and increasing your lifetime value with those recurring purchases.

It’s important to measure content that’s effective, and why people are coming to your site. And once they land on site, what they’re doing next, even the devices that they’re using, because hey, converting something on a mobile device is totally different from converting them on a web-based desktop site. Even if you have a responsive design, it’s not that simple. These things will tell you how you should optimize your site, not only from a content standpoint but also from a technical SEO standpoint.

And please note, SEO is all about providing a user the best experience. So you need to look at things like conversion rates, time on site, traffic by channel, bounce rates, months growth rates. This will all help you determine How you can grow from an SEO point of view


The next one, Self-management, SEO is multi-faceted. You’ll be doing several kinds of activities in any given day, you can be doing SEO audits, writing content and keyword research, on-page optimization, strategy, client meetings, and many more, if you don’t have the skills to manage your time, or fail to manage your time, you will definitely lose the things. You need to know on a daily basis, what are the actions you need to do and which ones should be prioritized and how to manage your time effectively and efficiently. The best way to manage time is to make the To-Do list every day!

 If you’re a bit lost, off the track finding your way to start off, Go for site audit report in Uber Suggests, because that site audit report will end up breaking down what you should focus on preference basis and that help you analyze what’s going to have the biggest impact to your ranking.


The next thing is to keep learning. SEO changes in a blink of an eye, and every day something different appears to alter your industry, whether it’s Google or bing doing an update, like the EAT update, or Googlebot updates, or you have new competitors who are copying all of your schedules and doing it better than you.

So if we’re not going to be staying up to date with industry trends, blogs, Updates, learning new techniques that may be surfacing, you’re going to struggle. You need to read each and every single day and learn from other people in your industry as well, even if that takes some time out of your day. And I like doing things like going to industry events, like when you go to those in-person conferences, you can network with other members, heck, even if they are at an SEO Marketing event, and you can get feedback from other SEOs and markers on what they’re doing that’s effective versus what you should be doing.


Most importantly, you need to dive conclusions from your SEO experiments and comprehend what are the lessons that you can learn from each up and down that you have because after all not everything you’re doing is going to work. And last but not least, their n number of shared studies that show a correlation between backlinks and rankings. Atrus has a lot of studies on this, and so does an Authority Hacker.

And we’re even seeing the same thing in Uber Suggests, in which there’s a direct correlation between how many links you have and your rankings, and true after a while, there are diminishing returns. But for you when you’re starting, & you don’t have enough backlinks, each and every single one really helps move the needle. It’s important to master cold outreach i.e. reaching to potential customers that have no prior relationship or connection with you, whether it’s by social media, email, or even phone calls. How do you attract a stranger’s interest and get them to link to you?

How do you craft amazing subject lines? How do you persuade other people to take action? How do influence people to opt for your services?

These are all skills that you need to master if you want to do well with this competitive digital market. And if you need more help with your SEO, check out the company.

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