Architect’s using smart home products to design today’s smart home.

Architect’s using smart home products to design today’s smart home.
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Smart home technology is one trend that is gaining boost with designers, homeowners and the techie in all of us. After a fully integrated smart home system to various smart home gadgets, the industry is rapidly evolving into creative concepts to help make our homes more comfortable using the latest in technology.

A smart home is quite simply a home equipped with a smart door lock, smart doorbell, lighting, indoor climate control, and electronic devices that are all connected via Wi-Fi and can be controlled both onsite and remotely.

Recent surveys clarify the rapid adaptation of smart home products with more than a quarter of all consumers owning at least one device. This technology trend is largely driven by thousands who have embraced the technology.


Smart home products range in the budget, but some of the most popular products are used to control temperature, lighting, temperature, windows and doors, and electrical outlets.

These products are designed to not only make homes more secure and comfortable, offering easy solutions to routine tasks, but they frequently reduce electricity consumption by sensing when devices are on and off.

A fully integrated smart home starts during the design phase of a new home. It joins in and controls everything within the home that runs on electricity from automatic lights, locks, and security cameras.

An increasing trend of Smart Home in India

In the new age, we all are getting very dependent on technology. We are growing very quickly in the digital world today. Everything is becoming smarter day by day with the help of technology combining. Now even homes are smarter by use of technology advancement which gives us security, safety, and many other important benefits in our day to day life.

The concept of smart homes is picking up attention even in suburban and rural areas in India.

As technology continues to grow and it integrates into our homes, it’s important to remember the best smart technology is the one that works for you to make your home a safer and secure place.

Get a Smart home experience with ARP Solutions.

Smart Door Locks provide you control and visibility to your home. Once connected with your smartphone allow you to access your door in new ways.

Smart Doorbell — This unique product includes a variety of extra features like motion sensors that can sense your surroundings and notify you of any activity or visitor. It sends video footage right to your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection, helping you keep an eye on any activity around your door, round the clock.

Many features of Smart Door Locks & Smart Doorbells that make them a worthwhile purchase for your home with added convenience and peace of mind.

ARP Solutions India are leading suppliers of Smart Home Security Products — Smart Doorbell and Smart Door lock to designers, builders, and architects. The products Smart Doorbells and Smart Door Locks were made with designers and architects in mind — from the selection of high-quality materials to functionality at its core.

It’s the best time to invest in a home security system.

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