E Tala – Perfect Balance between Security and Convenience

According to strategy analytics, there will be 300 million smart homes across the world, by 2023. Some of the most common gadgets of technology adopted by homeowners are smart security devices that promise to keep their homes secure round the clock. Yet still, with research significant that two in every five smart homes are at risk of being hacked, it’s important that you take action to safeguard your home’s smart security system and stop hackers from breaking in.

Design with benefits in mind, it is the most versatile E tala padlock that allows for time-sensitive access.

E-Tala secures your property and assets the smart way. The ARP solutions Smart Padlock gives you flexibility when handy access control is needed and it’s jam-packed with easy security features.

The ARP solution Smart Padlock was built for people who wanted the ultimate balance between security and convenience.

The gadget is perfect and versatile enough for both personal and business use, making it one of the most rangy product. 

Smart Functions through Smart Lock App

  • Notification:  Let you know when your guests open or close the door at what time.
  • Battery Life:  Waterproof padlock Lithium battery (can be protected from water and dust) can support up to 2-year standby time and no need to recharge battery till 2 years, even if you opened up to 30000 times.
  • Access: Use Keypad, BLE & Wi-Fi to Lock/Unlock the Door from anywhere in the world thru your smartphone
  • Virtual Keys Sharing: Add Unlimited members using smart Phone Bluetooth,  Globally, Locally & Wi-Fi and share keys from anywhere for your guest access.
  • Control: Remove/Extend guest access anywhere & anytime.
  • To break it down, ARP Solutions Smart home security systems facilitate homeowners with additional protection in their own homes.

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