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Smart home gadgets are growing in popularity because they are so convenient to use. Smart home products will make life easier, help in better time management, planning and efficient use of resources.

Smart home concepts are picking up in Indian Smart home hit 7.2 % by 2022

According to a recent survey, has found out that as sophisticated technologies help create “a truly connected world”, 24% of Indians hope for greater levels of safety or security for their family and citizens. — reported by Tata communications.

There are many smart home products, including smart door locks, automated cleaners, and even security cameras. These gadgets do some cool things, and they’re extremely convenient

But one of the more interesting and popular home products are smart doorbells, which — believe it or not — can offer a great deal of convenience and security for your home.

What Is a Smart Doorbell?

A “smart” doorbell is aimed to replace your traditional doorbell. They’re essentially the same thing, with a few enhancements.

This Smart Wifi Doorbell includes a camera for live video interactions and security monitoring, two-way audio for communication with people at your front door, and motion sensing for proximity alerts.

Why You Need Smart Wifi Doorbell?

The best advantage of the smart doorbell is safe and convenient; you can use a video doorbell to answer your door without actually opening it and coming face-to-face with whoever is waiting outside.

With E-bell the smart application of doorbell, you can see if you’ve received a package, if a friend is visiting, or if there is a salesman, thief, or a stranger at your door all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Now since you know what a smart video doorbell is, why would you need it? Read on reasons why…

Work as Security Camera and Keep an Eye on Things While You’re Away

Smart doorbells are set up with security features like motion sensors, cameras, and a remote viewing app. You can use them to make sure your home is safe and secure.

More Convenient than a Regular Doorbell

When someone rings the doorbell, you can answer a visitor from anywhere in your home. Well, you can even answer if you’re not home. Open the smartphone app and take a look at who’s waiting for you.

How convenient is that?

You Can Talk with Visitors

One of the best features of “Smart” Doorbells is that they offer two-way audio support. That means you can have a full-on conversation with someone at your door without ever opening it.

Easy to Install

Smart video doorbells replace your traditional doorbell easily; it’s as simple as removing your old doorbell and installing the new one.

To break it down, with the use of smart video doorbells in place of a traditional one and you can see and communicate with visitors remotely smartphone thanks to ARP Solutions India. Finally, they come with E -bell — A unique product includes variety of extra features like motion sensors that can sense your surroundings and notify you of any activity or visitor. It sends video footage right to your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection, helping you keep an eye on any activity around your door, round the clock. E- bell is a revolutionary security solution developed for the safety of you and your family.

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