Theft & Robbery in Surat Textile Market got Emergence of Idea of Smart Door Lock for Shops.

Surat Textile Market-Smart Door Lock
Smart Door Lock

Theft & Robbery in Surat Markets is increasing day by day. One such case is discussed below of Radha Krishna Textile Market and lead to emergence of Smart Door Lock

Radha Krishna Textile Market is one of the well-known wholesale markets in Surat. Radha Krishna Textile Market is famous for latest Kurtis, Lehenga Choli and Fabrics.


In the last few months, RKT Market (Radha Krishna Textile) got more famous for theft and robbery cases of crores of goods. It is worried that over 200 crores rupees of goods have been stolen from the market. More than 20 traders have a complaint in the last few months.

So far, theft has been reported in more than 100 shops. Post Investigation, came into light that an organized gang use to steal clothes from the close shop using duplicate keys. Also, the gang had targeted a few shops in the Millennium Market. The gang opened the shutters of the shops using duplicate keys and escaped with the textiles goods worth crores of rupees. The incident was captured in CCTV cameras installed in the market.

The emergence of the concept of E – TALA Smart Pad Lock / Smart Door Lock
The concept of E TALA Smart Door Lock emerges, after looking into the theft incidents.
ARP Solutions India – suppliers of smart home security products, got to know that major cause of theft and robberies happening in the textile market was duplicate keys, through which thieves can easily steal goods.
ARP Solutions India, intend to bring a permanent solution to the theft problem in market and design convenient and innovative smart digital door lock solution for your home and office.
This Smart lock is suitable for outdoor and indoor, such as house door, gate, warehouse, cabinet, box, garage, office, etc…
ARP Solutions smart locks keep you worry-free
E Tala Lock App is designed to minimize your dependency on technology.

ARP Solutions keyless smart locks use keypads and codes to unlock and lock your door rather than physical keys. ARP smart lock provides many benefits, including:
• Control of your locks from anywhere. If you lose your keys and have an ARP smart lock, you can lock your house or shop right from your smartphone with the App

• Assign codes to each family member. Instead of making copies and extra keys for each member of your family, you can simply assign them a specific PIN.

• Change code when needed. With physical keys, you have to change your locks even if one person in your family loses their keys, just to be on the safe side, but with ARP smart locks, you can disable codes and assign new from your smartphone.

Functions through Smart Lock App

♦ Notification: Know when your guests open or close the door at what time.

♦ Battery Life: This lithium battery, waterproof padlock (can be protected from water and dust) can support up to 2-year standby time and can be opened up to 30,000 times, no need to recharge battery till 2 years.

♦ Access: Use Keypad, BLE & Wi-Fi to Lock/Unlock the Door from anywhere in the world through your smartphone

♦ Virtual Keys Sharing: Add Unlimited members using smart Phone Bluetooth, Locally & Wi-Fi, Globally and share keys from anywhere for your guest access.

♦ Control: Remove/Extend guest access anytime, anywhere.

To break it down, ARP Solutions India Smart door locks bring you keyless convenience to unlock your door and adds simplicity to your lifestyle.

To find out how ARP Solutions India Smart Home Products can give you complete security and control of your home and office, contact us at + 919687838585 for a free quote.

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